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“Erarta impresses even with its appearance” — Helen Marnie
“I like contemporary art and try to follow it as much as possible. In a rainy day I am glad to g ...
“There is a strong need to have such places” — Andrey Zvyagintsev
“Foundation of Erarta in Saint Petersburg is a necessary and important event. Erarta is a whole ...
“Erarta collection has made a great impression on me” — Romero Britto
“I am very glad to have an opportunity to show my art in Russia. It is great country and I was j ...
“I was full of emotions in every exhibition hall” — Charlie Le Mindu
“Erarta is an outstanding place. You come out of there with a great number of thoughts, and it i ...
“I do not divide contemporary from the non-contemporary, there is only one criterion: it should have appeal” — Galina Timchenko
“I really like Erarta and it’s a shame that I haven’t come here before. I did not know that you ...
22.03.2018 16:28
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Our living room has been jazzed up with Bebop for You

Being huge jazz lovers, my husband and I were absolutely charmed by this painting by Aleksandr Volkov.

All of his works are dynamic, bright and loud – just like our favourite music.

Erarta is a very inspiring project. Thank you for the opportunity to take home a little piece of art after visiting the museum.

We ordered a premium giclee print, and we are very pleased with it!

09.07.2017 20:08
Online store

I came to St. Petersburg from Moscow for the weekend. Evgeny Zaremba’s Blossoming really caught my eye while I was visiting Erarta. My initial impulse was to buy it right away, but I worried that I could damage it on the road, so I had it delivered. The delivery was right on time, the print is perfect, looks exactly like the original. I will sure recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.

24.11.2015 17:14
Helen Marnie

“I like contemporary art and try to follow it as much as possible. In a rainy day I am glad to go to Glasgow museums and watch new exhibitions. Erarta impresses even with its appearance, it is a large building, where something happens every day. Now I am looking forward to seeing all museum collection!”

18.11.2015 10:17
Andrey Zvyagintsev
film director

“Foundation of Erarta in Saint Petersburg is a necessary and important event. Erarta is a whole separate world of senses and meanings behind the daily routine, a place of power and youth. We live in difficult times, but inside this space we can see the new perspectives. So there is a strong need to have such places as Erarta. The museum collection makes a good and fresh impression; especially I would like to point out the artist Dmitry Margolin. I saw only a small part of the collection that features over two thousand artworks, and I’m definitely coming back to see the rest of it”.

09.09.2015 15:14
Romero Britto

“I am very glad to have an opportunity to show my art in Russia. It is great country and I was just shocked by Saint Petersburg. The exhibition in Erarta is a very exciting event. The museum collection has made a great impression on me”.

22.07.2015 12:44
Charlie Le Mindu
French designer and hair stylist

“Erarta is an outstanding place. You come out of there with a great number of thoughts, and it is the mission of every museum, in a nutshell, to encourage the reflection. I was full of emotions in every exhibition hall of Erarta. I am trying to get the same effect in my art — the emergence of emotion inside spectator that will stay with him for a long time”.

02.07.2015 12:46
Great work. What an inspiration painting..changed my mood and my thinking..Bravo!!
22.05.2015 12:35
Galina Timchenko

“I really like Erarta and it’s a shame that I haven’t come here before. I did not know that you have such a big building. Especially I was impressed by the artworks of Vyacheslav Mikhailov. The Russians are not prepared for contemporary art. Often spectators do not think about the spent force of artists and say something like ‘I can do that too!’ and it is a pity. I do not define contemporary and non-contemporary, there is only one criteria: it should have appeal and connection to the divine. The time of creation — 100 years ago or now — is not important at all”.

10.04.2015 17:16
Anton Adasinsky
actor, choreographer, musician

“Erarta is one of the rare places in Russia where you can find European service level, European atmosphere and vibrations. I am very glad about our cooperation with Erarta, we got the second base for the Derevo theatre here. The first is in Germany, another one is in Erarta. Presently we are preparing performance Islands”.

16.12.2014 18:16
Vyacheslav Polunin
Russian actor, director, clown

“In Erarta it feels home: it is comfortable, tidy, light and full of smiling people. It is the place where you can be in harmony with Art. I am very pleased to have held here the casting for my future project of contemporary circus. The atmosphere of this place carries a sense of dreams. Participants of the casting behaved differently among all these contemporary artworks: they tended to be in harmony with environment and could not allow themselves a bad taste. There is a special attitude to everything from a paintings to the bookstore. I congratulate you and Saint-Petersburg with the Erarta project”

22.10.2014 11:16
Vladimir Volkov
Musician, composer, producer

Even though we are more used to performing in various jazz clubs, we became frequent guests at Erarta. I enjoy both playing here and observing artworks by such familiar St. Petersburg artists, as Valery Lukka, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Felix Volosenkov.Each artist creates in accordance with his own inner world and thus introduces something new into painting or music. Erarta’s idea of arranging a festival under my name VOLKOV ManiFEST first was very surprising. But then I realized that it is a great opportunity to bring together those who I love and who I work with. So I’d like to thank Erarta for this great project and to thank everyone who made it here both as a viewer or a participant”.

10.10.2014 11:59

I loved the U-Space and could spend an entire day there! 

10.09.2014 11:56

Very cool friendly people and excellent atmosphere! Thank you!  

02.06.2014 11:30
Pierre Bastien
a French composer and musician

“I really like the museum building. Apart from anything else it makes a very strong impression itself. I also really enjoyed the museum collection which includes a lot of talented works. I found the idea of ‘U-Spaces’ a great invention since each of them immerses you into an absolutely special atmosphere. I wish Erarta all possible success, even though, as far as I could understand, it already has enough. Erarta has a very interesting audience, varied and large. Good luck with the new building and hope that you’ll keep arranging further great exhibitions and events”.

27.05.2014 12:37
Andre Laban
Engineer, artist, cameraman, photographer

“I’ve had a solo exhibition of my paintings in Erarta, and I can say that the venue is perfectly equipped. Exhibition halls with such proper lighting is a rare luck. In general, the organization of the exhibition left only positive impressions since everybody was very polite and ready to cooperate, which also does not always happen. I wish Erarta to keep its high level and I hope in future to exhibit my works here again”.

10.02.2014 01:12
Finn Agger
This museum is really worth seeing. There are many 'unpainted pictures' from the Soviet period. Very genuine, as contact with the international art community was fairly difficult for obvious reasons. So they painted what they felt, not how other artists could inspire them to. Some post-Soviet painters seem to go back to deeper roots (e.g. religion) without losing touch with modern life. The staff are very dedicated. They want this to be a success. And it is. So go there and prove them right
10.01.2014 14:52

Beautiful museum! Saint-Petersburg should be proud of this achievement!

10.01.2014 14:48
Tim Stanley

In a city not exactly lacking in cultural attractions, Erarta has firmly established itself on the St Petersburg contemporary art scene as an innovative and exciting cultural institution with an exciting future. Billed as a contemporary art museum and gallery, Erarta goes out of its way to find and promote established local talent as well as little known contemporary artists from across Russia’s vast regional hinterland. The institution performs an equally compelling social mission for local and visiting arts communities. Children are enchanted by the vibrant colours and playful installations, visitors are delighted to discover such a lively, hitherto unknown art scene, and locals are happy to have a friendly and unpretentious new venue for theatre and cinema events and English-language evenings. Erarta lives up to the promise inherent in its name – the era of art has truly arrived.

10.01.2014 14:42
Robert F.

Foreigners DON'T pay extra - pretty sure that's the only place in Russia. I wanted to say a huge thank you to Erarta Museum for being the only place in St. Petersburg (at least that I know of) which charges its domestic and foreign visitors the same admission price - 300 rubles. My friends and I always found it very annoying when buying tickets for all the other attractions that the slightest detection of a foreign accent leads to a triple price. So thank you, Erarta, for being so friendly to your Western visitors! I'm sure everyone else that comes through your doors will greatly appreciate that as well!

04.01.2014 12:36

I know an awesome place we should go to” - I told this phrase to almost all my friends!

First time I've been to Erarta 1 year ago on 14 of February ( speeddating, concert and so on). Since then I come here each month, sometimes more often. I even got a personal card! It's a place I want to come back. You know, I even miss it! The main thing is atmosphere. Come here once and you feel it. An amasing desire to know sth new, to socialise, to learn, to create. I was here lots of times on different events if not to count exhibitions and coffee time in cafe: concert, french animation, theatre play, English Evenings, U-Spaces. True to say that Erarta is not just a museum. It's much-much more. In several days I'll go there to see exhibition of wedding photographers, so we can possibly meet! ;)


10.08.2013 11:50
C. Andres

Wonderful exhibitions, very inspiring! Great Museum.

05.07.2013 16:09

Excellent collection of contemporary art! The museum by itself id incredible. Good luck!


05.07.2013 16:03

Interesting and inspiring, was glad to discover the new generation of Russian artists.


02.10.2012 18:30
The New York Times
Mass media

At Erarta, which opened in September, the challenge is to bring generations of artists together from across the country, rather than just from Moscow, which dominates the Russian contemporary art scene like a giant octopus. The museum — which has 2,000 works by more than 140 artists — and its sister gallery share a five-story Soviet-era building, whose last occupant was the Synthetic Rubber Research Institute. A three-year renovation has erased any traces of Communist dreariness. White walls, good lighting, wide staircases, video installations and a simple but elegant cafe make this a familiar landscape for international visitors.

02.09.2012 18:30
Nikolay Burov
Director of the Museum Complex The State Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral

“Our age-old dream has come true. We’ve been discussing the need of the city museum of contemporary art for a long time. And now, finally, we have it. And it is a whole palace with a very decent location, since Vasilievsky Island is not really spoiled with museums. I wish Erarta great future development and intelligent and positive audience”.


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