Thank you for your interest in supporting Erarta and Russian contemporary art!

You can support Erarta in the following ways:



You can donate money to our non-profit organization, Erarta Fund. Individuals who donate over RUB 100,000 are added to the list of donors (of course, only in cases where they wish for this to happen — you can select to remain completely anonymous!) along with companies. They also get added privileges, such as a guaranteed 10% discount on purchasing Russian contemporary works of art at Erarta’s international group of galleries and get awarded a special diploma in recognition of their charitable contribution to the Erarta project and Russian contemporary art as a whole:

  • Participate in the YOUnits project by renting a cell for self-expression

By making any purchase in Erarta — all of them are valuable contributions to supporting Russian contemporary art, starting from purchases made at the gift shop, the book shop, the fashion shop, the print shop or our online store, and all the way to decorating your interior with original works of art from Erarta Home and Erarta Shop or print/gicleé reproductions of works from Erarta’s collection manufactured by our workshop (email:

You can also use any of our other services — for example, host your event at Erarta (we have extensive experience in planning, organizing and hosting of all sorts of events, ranging from birthdays all the way to large-scale corporate celebrations) — please email or rent one of our halls (



There is no simpler or more effective way of supporting Erarta than recommending us to your family, friends, colleagues or anyone (and everyone!) else — you can also do so online — Erarta’s already got the largest museum group in all of Russia on, the country’s largest social network but we’re also present and active on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, YouTube, FourSquare — join us, share your thoughts with friends and participate in our online projects.

If you write a blog or generate content for a large social media group, referencing Erarta and linking to or our own social media groups will benefit the project. You can also contact our PR department with any questions regarding informational support —

Leave a positive review on travel websites — it’s your reviews that keep Erarta among the top attractions of St. Petersburg and help attract new visitors (Erarta especially benefits from reviews on the largest tourism website, Trip Advisor). You can also share your thoughts on Google Places and any other website, forum or blog.



  • Erarta greatly appreciates the work of all those who wish to participate in the life of the project. We can offer interesting work and forms of cooperation to everyone, irrespective of their professional experience and education. Curators, art lovers and connoisseurs, designers, writers, bloggers, journalists, photographers, operators and other creative people will always be able to add their input to Erarta and we’re extremely grateful for their help.
  • We’re sometimes looking to hire people — any vacancies can be found in our News section
  • Erarta always needs the help of volunteers — we have interesting and rewarding work to do with organization of special events, communicating with our visitors, generating interesting content and many other different forms. We’re extremely grateful to all who dedicate their precious time to helping support our project.



  • All those who can help Erarta in financial, informational, cultural and other forms of help are crucial to the project! If you know anyone who may be able to help us but isn’t aware of us, or of the fact that he can help, please introduce him to Erarta and us to them — we will hugely appreciate it!



  • Your thoughts and opinions are extremely important to us so if you spot anything that we can do better, or anything that wasn’t to your liking, please tell us — we won’t be offended, on the contrary, we will appreciate your input. We always strive to get better on all fronts and your feedback is invaluable to us in this matter — please email and we will try to incorporate your suggestions into our life



  • Erarta is always open to any forms of support which benefit the project — so if you have an idea of your own, please email and outline your thoughts — we will consider all your submissions and will get back to you ASAP!


Erarta would like to thank all those who help the project — any aid, ranging from volunteering all the way to sponsorship, is an important contribution towards supporting Russian contemporary art. Thank you, dear friends!

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