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Thank you for your interest in supporting Erarta and Russian contemporary art!

Erarta is a private project, financed by private funds. Erarta does not aim to extract profits — rather, any profits acquired and, of course, donations, are directed towards further development of the project, and towards support and promotion of Russian contemporary art both domestically and abroad.

Erarta believes that art can become an important part of everyone’s life, make it more interesting and happy. Our goal is the maximization of the audience that is interested in contemporary art, loves it and sees something of their own in it. This is a big challenge, one that requires significant investment, and the more support given to Erarta as a whole or to one of its particular projects, the more success can be achieved together.

Erarta gratefully accepts financial, informational, cultural and other kinds of support from its sponsors and partners. Erarta has developed several ways of cooperation for companies, which both stress the supporting organization’s high status as a patron of the arts and act as original angles for advancement of our partner’s brand. You can always contact us for more information or make your own proposal and we will get back to you ASAP.

You can also support Erarta as an individual, by donating money to our non-profit organization, Erarta Fund, or via one of the many other options.

Erarta thanks all those who support the project for their valuable contribution towards advancement and promotion of contemporary Russian art.

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Official partners of the museum: СТС Газпроммедиа
  Tork Партнеры — отели Sokos в Санкт-Петербурге
With support from: KudaGO Dom Knigi
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