Buying art: Erarta Home and Erarta Shop

We want to bring art closer to people and there’s a natural human desire to make art part of everyday life that can only be satisfied by buying the work one has come to love. In order to facilitate the harmonious presence of art in people’s lives and also as part of our efforts to promote Russian contemporary art, Erarta offers for sale both original works of art as well as their reproductions. All proceeds from Erarta’s commercial activities are reinvested back into the overall project and go towards supporting its non-profit constituent parts and Russian contemporary art as a whole. 

We have opened the Erarta Home Stores on the first floor of the Exhibitions Wing, where you can find everything, ranging from a lovely souvenir to a work of art. We sell stylish gifts, designer furniture and interior items, as well as books in Russian and English, painting reproductions and original artworks by contemporary Russian artists.

Our online store, Erarta Shop offers you an opportunity to invite contemporary art into your life from the comfort of your home.  You can order the original works of art, painting reproductions (print and giclée techniques, any size), photo art, books as well as brand souvenirs, where the paintings from Erarta Museum’s rich collection find their second life.  

Erarta Shop’s digital collection comprises more than 5000 works. Intuitive website design and a convenient filter system with multiple search criteria, such as subject, art movement, colour scheme and other parameters, will help you to navigate in such a diversity of choice.

All products are created in our own Erarta Shop workshop that allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality. 

+7 812 324 0809
Number 2, 29th line of Vasilievsky Ostrov
St. Petersburg, Russia
Erarta Museum of contemporary art 
Working hours: 10:00 - 22:00
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